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Complex Tax Returns

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Recently on the Tax Report

Rev. Proc. 2013-30

Rev. Proc. 2013-30 works. It took 6 months to hear back on one entity, and the second entity needed to be refiled after 6 months. But the S elections were…

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——– Company executives frequently end up with their Company’s stock with huge built in gains, and consequently they will pay a lot of tax if they sell the stock. Many…

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Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures for Delinquent US Returns

Dual Citizens of the US and another country may never have filed US returns if they have lived overseas since they were small children.  They may have foreign income and…

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International Taxation

We prepare Form 1040NR and 1120F for European, Canadian, Asian, and Latin American clientele. We also handle FIRPTA forms.

Estate Planning

Preparing Form 706 or Form 1041 as well as collaborating with your attorney and financial advisor for your estate plan.


We provide advice to management on issues related to taxes, profitability, and systems, and business purchases and sales.

Financial Statements

We offer audited, reviewed, and compiled business and personal financial statements and projections, including percentage of completion construction financial statements.

Income Taxes

Our main focus is business and personal income taxes. We can prepare all state tax returns.

Accounting Systems

We make journal entries and assist you in adjusting accounting records in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, Peachtree, MAS90 and other software accounting systems.

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